DefinitionFrom verb amulina 'to put in mouth', it depicts the state of having something in the mouth
Sensory ModalityHaptic > proprioception
Transcription tsawata ɾukutaga amuliŋŋ ɕamuŋ tuʎu puma, mana surkunata uɕaɕa . . .
TranslationAnd this big tortoise (appeared) amulingg (to be stuck in the mouth of) such a boney jaguar, who was unable to remove it.
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This recording was made by Christina Callicott who interviewed Louisa Cadena with translational help from Janis Nuckolls in June, 2013. The example is from a story about a jaguar whose teeth became stuck when it attempted to eat a tortoise. According to the narrator, it was only after a shaman intervened that the tortoise was able to be removed, which saved the jaguar from starving to death.

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