DefinitionSimulates a wide-opened mouth
Sensory ModalityMOVEMENT > Configurational
Almost always gestured by a speaker by opening mouth widely while uttering
Transcriptionhapi-k-a kujutɕi kujutɕi kujutɕi kujutɕi kujutɕi aŋ ɾikutɕi tijawŋ wiba ɕina!
Translation And upon grabbing and shaking it back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth,(the jaguar went) ang (making its mouth wide open) as if it was a pet!
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Transcriptiontɕigaŋ ɕimita aŋ paskakpi wawami polaŋma ɕajaɾiŋga nig ag aɾa tɕasna tukuɕa mana wajɾa ɕina ʎukɕiŋgatɕu wawa nig an. polaŋma ɕajaɾiŋga niɾa tɕi
Translation And so with that, if one opens one's mouth ang (while breathing), the baby will rise up polang, they say, and becoming like that, the baby will not come out quickly, they say; it will rise up polang.
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Video 1: This recording was made by Christina Callicott who interviewed Louisa Cadena with translational help from Janis Nuckolls in June, 2013. The example is from a story about a jaguar whose teeth became stuck when it attempted to eat a tortoise. According to the narrator, it was only after a shaman intervened that the tortoise was able to be removed, which saved the jaguar from starving to death.

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