DefinitionTo be positioned with limbs extended outward
Sensory ModalityMOVEMENT > Configurational
Articulated while moving arms out and away from speaker's torso. Final syllable is stressed.
Transcriptionɾikuntɕi ɲukantɕi, ɾikukpiga lagaɾto lata ukwiga aŋgaɾaŋ siɾiŋ
Translationwe (actually) saw it; upon looking, the cayman was lying inside the container angarang (with its limbs extended out.)
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Transcriptionkuɕijanawŋ tamja ɕamuŋga ɾawkpi ɾiɾondo tukuɕa kasna wagʎaɾa tukuɕami ɲa tɕibi kasna aŋgaɾaŋ aŋgaɾaŋ aŋgaɾaŋ mujuɾig anaj
TranslationThey're becoming happy as the rain is going to come, and gathering into a flock, all clustered together, they circle around (going) angarang angarang angarang (with wings spread out)
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Transcriptionɾikukpi (a) ɲambiiga kasna apiɾiɕa aŋgaɾaŋ tʲuɕ ɾikuɕa
TranslationUpon looking, on the path, like this it was angaran (lying with arms outstretched) and tyush (with wide eyes) it looked.
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Transcriptiontɕi paj ujaɾiun. tɕibi takakpiga ɲa aŋgaɾaŋ waɲuɕka uɾmak ag aɕkaj
TranslationYou know how it was sounding? If someone hits it well, angaran (with limbs spread out) it falls dead.
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Video 1: This segment was recorded by a student on the 2013 Ecuador Study Abroad during the free conversational portion of a Quichua language class, with Louisa Cadena as language consultant, and Janis Nuckolls guiding the discussion. Video 2: This segment is taken from a discussion about the behavior of swallows in relation to rainfall. The interlocutors were Tod Swanson, anthropologist, David Pearson, a sustainability scientist from Arizona State University, and Elodia, our local Quichua consultant.

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