DefinitionTo open uncover or expose a space.
Sensory ModalityMOVEMENT > Configurational
typically used with hand gestures that spread outward
Transcriptiondinuga intiɾu jajkunaɕi antɕi; iminata aʎpa kujuɕkaj ɑβɪŋ ɑβɪŋ tuku-ga? tɕajbi ɕina tɕaɾi liŋ liŋ ɾiɕuŋ niŋ ɲukantɕiga . . .
TranslationOtherwise we'll go completely inside, they say; you know how when the earth quakes, it becomes awing awing (opened up all over)? Well in those places, perhaps, ling ling (entering, entering), we'll go, they say. . .
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Transcriptionɲa imajnata raŋgawna, tɕasna tɕasnata ɑβɪŋ ɲa paɾtiɕkata; ɲa tɕajbi ismuɕka
TranslationThen what can they do with it? (when) it splits apart like that awing; (then we see that) there it had rotted
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Transcriptionima ɕinata jajkuk ɕamuɾa? // Kuti puŋguta ɑβɪŋ paskaɕa tɕi liŋ jajkuk ɕamun niŋ ɕimita majʎaɾiŋgaw
TranslationNuckolls: How did he come right in? Cadena: Well opening the door awing (wide open) he ling (bursting) comes in, she says, to brush his teeth.
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Transcriptionɕamuk tɕagɾamanda ɕamukga aβiŋ-ɕi paskaɕka imata waɲukka paskaŋ
TranslationAs a come-er from the chagra (the daughter) comes and awin (exposing the hole) they say, she opened it. What deceased one did she reveal?
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Video 1: This interview includes a traditional end-of-the-world story related to Tod Swanson by Luisa Cadena. Video 2: Luisa Cadena tells Janis Nuckolls about a dugout canoe that was just finished being carved by her uncle when it began to split apart. Video 3: Luisa Cadena explains to Janis Nuckolls how outraged her granddaughter was when a man walked into her shower while she was bathing.

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