Definition(infrequently used) to do something completely; possibly a clipped form of Spanish bastante 'enough, quite'
Sensory ModalityLOW SENSORY
Gestures accompanying bas seem to mimic the action of whatever verb it occurs with
Transcriptionuɾitu palo! japa tupaɾikpi bas waɲutɕinawŋ; tɕʲuw tɕʲuw tɕʲuw pitiɕa . . .
Translation It's an uritu snake! if they are seen a lot, then they kill it bas (by whacking it) and then chyuw chyuw chyuw cutting it . . .'
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Transcriptionkuti takaɕkan uktui toloŋ ɲuka wawaguna ɕamukgunaga baas uktui tijawtaga waɲutɕinawn tɕitɕu ɕaɕka
TranslationAgain, with having hit inside hole tolong (with reverberation). My children, the ones who come, baas (completely) they killed the one who was in the hole. It was pregnant!.
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Video 1: This narrative about snakes was told to Tod Swanson.

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