Possible Affixes-ng
DefinitionTo shape something into a ball, or to move like a ball in a rolling motion, or to run in a curled up, ball-like shape
Sensory ModalityMOVEMENT > Configurational
Accompanied by hand gestures which imitate rolling or forming an object into a ball
Transcriptionbolə bolə hapikuna jakwiɕi itɕuɕkawna
TranslationGrabbing and rolling (the sap) into a ball, they threw it into the river
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Transcriptionkasna bola bola bola bola ɾaɕa pak pak pak pak ɾaɕ- sumag ɾaɕa . . .
TranslationLike this, making it, making it, making it into a ball, and then pak pak pak pak (patting) it nicely . . .
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Transcriptionɲukama kasna ɾikuɕa tijawawɾa ɾiki! bolaŋ! kaʎpaɕa ɾiɾa
TranslationLike this it was there staring at me, look! (and then) bolang (like a balled up shape)running, it went off!
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Video 1: Luisa Cadena relates a traditional narrative to Janis Nuckolls and Alex Rice about the scissortail hawk. In this segment of the tale, two sisters have just inadvertently melted the woman who would have been their future mother-in-law, into tree sap. The video fragment depicts the girls scraping the tree sap into a ball and throwing it into a river, hoping that the two brothers they hope to marry will not notice. Video 2: Luisa Cadena demonstrates techniques for making a type of stuffed potato to a group of students. In this fragment she demonstrates how the cooked, mashed potato is shaped into a ball and then flattened before filling it with cheese. Video 3: Luisa Cadena explains to Janis Nuckolls what it was like to encounter an armadillo, which at first just stared at her but then ran away from her, looking like a rounded ball of movement.

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