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DefinitionA sound of the squirrel cuckoo known as the chikwang bird. This sound is validational because it is said to be uttered by the chikwan bird when it hears a person telling the truth, or sees that a person's actions are congenial with their goals
Sensory ModalityCognition
Undergoes rapid repetition. Vowel may be voiced or voiceless. Repetitions may be accompanied by beat gestures indicating the rhythm of the repetitions.
Transcriptiontɕik tɕik tɕik tɕik tɕik tɕik; tɕik tɕik tɕik tɕik tɕik tɕik
Translation‘(The squirrel cuckoo goes) chik chik chik chik chik chik;chik chik chik chik chi chik’
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Transcriptionmajaʎaŋ ɕu sijen metɾos tupuʎa hasta puɲu kasnaj kasna kasnata ɾiukpi paj ɾimaŋ tɕik tɕik tɕik tɕik tɕik; tɕik tɕik tɕik tɕik tɕik
TranslationHowever near (they may come), maybe a hundred meters away from their camp, like this just like this they are going and it speaks (saying) chik chik chik chik chik ; chik chik chik chik chik.
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The ideophone chik is semantically complex. It is not simply the sound made by the squirrel cuckoo. It is the sound heard by hunters which tells them they are in a good place to catch their prey. This bird is known to validate peoples' behavior, thoughts, and actions by its sounds. Its sounds may also portend disaster, or indicate incorrect behavior or thoughts.

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