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DefinitionThe sound made by a squirrel cuckoo bird who may be asserting that someone is telling a lie, that some disaster is about to unfold, or the bird may itself be capable of lying insofar as it may make this sound in order to deceive a human hunter into thinking that meat is not nearby, when in fact it is
Sensory ModalityCognition
Transcriptionaytɕa jajaguna ɾinawn ɾukuguna ajtɕanga ɾiɕkaj ajtɕa tijawʎeɾa ɲa ɲa majaʎaŋ tijawŋ waŋgana tijaŋga tɕaɾi, o venado tijaŋga tɕaɾi, mono tijaŋga tɕaɾi; ima tono piɕkuʎas tijawta aɾa paj ɾimaŋ tɕikwaŋ tɕikwaŋ tɕikwaŋ nikpi
Translationthe hunters, the old ones (will) have gone to catch meat, and even though there is meat nearby, there might be forest pig, or deer, or monkeys, whatever type of bird there is, he is going to speak (saying) chikwang chikwang chikwang (in order to deceive them)'
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