Related Ideophonesdzar, dzir, dzyuw, tsiri
DefinitionA frictional sliding movement
Sensory ModalityMOVEMENT > Haptic
Intonationally foregrounded with higher or lower pitch. Speakers may use both hands to gesture the frictional sliding movemens depicted by dzir, or they may use one hand to stand for the unmoved surface, while the other moves across that surface.  
Transcriptiondziɾ dziɾ dziɾ dziɾ dziɾ aʎpaga kasnaɕi kuyuɾiŋ ɲa
Translation‘And the earth, then it shook going dzir dzir dzir dzir dzir’
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Transcriptionmasna hawama rikpi tɕi paj wataɕa dziɾ dziɾ ɾiuɕka . . .
TranslationNo matter how high (the water) rose, what he had tied (slid along the steering pole, going) dziɾ dziɾ . . .
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Transcriptionkaj kuŋgagunataɕi kakuɾik aɕkawna kajwaŋ kasna dziɾ dziɾ tɕiga gostu gostu asna ak aɕkawnaj
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Transcriptionpatʃata dzir paskaʃa
Translationopening the blanket dzir...
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