Possible Affixes-shi
DefinitionThe sound of a jaguar
Sensory ModalitySOUND
Transcriptionkantan puma m̤’ʔ m̰’ʔ m̰’ʔ m̰’ʔ m̰’ʔ m̤’ʔ puma kantan
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TranscriptionJust like this 'hmm hmm hmm' he said, so they say
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Transcription His breathe, in order to be finished (with human form of doing), when he did this in this way 'hmm hmm hmm' supposedly he became a puma
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Transcriptionpuma pahowas tukuʃa waɲuk man wawaɡa, hm hm hm hm hm niʃa waɲuŋɡa
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