Related Ideophoneskingu, muyu
DefinitionDescribes a curved or bending movement. May describe the meandering of a river or path as seen from an airplane.
Sensory ModalityMOVEMENT > Configurational
Transcriptiontɕi komputadoɾaj taɾabaɕa tiyag ʎuw kajma ʎuw
TranslationAt this computer working (he) was (sitting) and (moving to one side) lyuw and then here (to another side) lyuw
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Transcriptiontɕiwa ɾajguɕi aku niɕaga munaŋgitɕu ɾiɕun. tɕi maɕti manatɕu ʎuuw mujuɾig aŋgaja uɾtibi kasna ʎuuw
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Transcriptionɕamuɕaga lijuuw lijuuw-ɕi mujuɾiɕkawna taɾuga ɲa taɾuga aɕkawna taɾuga
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Transcriptionkasna muyug aɾa ʎuw ɲambiga; tɕiwa ɾajguta kajga ʎuw mujutɕiɕkawata ɾiki
TranslationAs for the path, this is how it's a 'curver' lyuw; That's why, right here, the little made-to-curve (lines) (go) lyuw, look!
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Transcriptiontʃaj kasna wajkutaɡa, ʎuw, kindʒaʃka man
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Transcriptionɾikukpiɡa tijaɾiʃaɡa ʎuw, tutaɡa upik aʃkawna, tʃi...
Translationlooking, (as for) those who were sitting, in a semi-circle at night they were drinkers; then...
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