Pronunciation[pak, pakʰ pag]
DefinitionDepicts a small, quick movement which results in contact with a surface that is yielding, such as water, mud or clay. Somewhat comparable to English 'smack' or 'tap'. Such contact often results in disfigurement of surfaces. Pak also depicts a resultant configuration of something relatively soft that has fallen, such as a ripe fruit, and in this sense is comparable to English 'splat'.
Sensory ModalityMOVEMENT > Haptic
Transcriptiontɕasnaɕi awawɕkaɾa pak pak pak pak, tɕi waɕaɕi maɕti wiwiɕkuwaŋ -- maŋga aʎpa apa tɕaɾi aɾa
TranslationLike that she had been making pottery (going) pak pak pak pak, and after, (according to someone), um with a piece of gourd -- she was perhaps a grandmother of clay
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Transcriptionaswaɕa pikakta pak pak pak tɕuɾaɕa undatɕina
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Transcriptionnda ujaɾimuɾa kawiɕka ɕina tɕimi ɲa kasna ɾikukpi(g)a kajwan paɾiulga pakʰ pakʰ pakʰ pakʰ pakʰ iɾidza
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Video 1 is from a traditional story about a mythic figure who is considered the grandmother of clay and pottery making. For an analysis of the cultural significance of tapping when making pottery, see Mezzenzana, Francesca. 2018. Moving alike: movement and human–nonhuman relationships among the Runa (Ecuadorian Amazon). Social Anthropology/Anthropologie Sociale. European Association of Social Anthropologists. doi:10.1111/1469-8676.12486

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