Related Ideophonesdzas, dzaw
DefinitionDescribes a movement away from someone that is done secretly or without properly observing leave-taking conventions . Describes the way something may fall in pieces or small quantities, such as rain from the sky, tree bark from a tree. Describes random or chaotic movements of multiple entities,
Sensory ModalityMOVEMENT > Configurational
May be used as one form or undergo multiple repetition. Stress is on the final syllable.
Transcriptionaa ka ɲukantɕi jujag antɕi kajta kasna tɕiga palaj palaj palaj palaj ʎutɕu kaspi ʎutɕuɾig tɕima
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Transcriptionsatɕama puɾitɕuɕa ɲami ʎutɕu kaspi ʎatanawɕka sagmagɾiŋgitɕi kasnas sagmaj tɕiga kajga kaɾa (sakali) palaj palaj palaj ɾiuŋmi tɕasnaʎataɕi ɲawi kaɾa
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Transcriptiontɕiga kaɾan kaɾan makimaɕi kasna aɾa palaj palaj palaj palaj, palaj palaj palaj palaj, palaj palaj palaj-ɕi upinawŋ
Translation And so from every branch, they were (flying) like this:palay palay palay palay, palay palay palay palay, palay palay palay, apparently, they would drink
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Transcriptiontajkwata paniɲu kitserkaha paniɲuɕi kantawɕka; tɕiga dzingɕi tukuɕka ɲa jajata mana ɾikuɕpaʎataɕi dzing tukuk; uktuga kajbiɕaɕkara nira uktuta palaj; tɕiʎajɕi sakiɕk paj awaɕka . . .
Translation(unintelliglible Sapara song fragment) then dzing (startled) she became although she had not seen my father, she became startled; and there was this big hole he said and she suddenly went into the hole palay and the things she had been using to make pottery she left there . . .
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