Pronunciation[ʃuru, ʃuɾu]
DefinitionThe sound of an armadillo snoring, or of very labored breathing of an infant who has been made ill by an armadillo pajo (illness)
Sensory ModalityMOVEMENT
Pronounced in a very high pitch
Transcriptionsamanawataɡa jaŋɡaj, ʃuru ʃuru ʃuru ʃuɾhu ʃuu ʃuhu ʃuɾhu ʃuɾhu (unintelligible) watas samaʃa waɲuj kaʎaɾi
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Paho is an illness which manifests in a baby, but is linked to a nonhuman form of life which has been killed. If a newborn's father hunts and kills an animal, it is believed that the newborn will be the recipient of an illness which resembles some aspect of the animal which was killed.

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