DefinitionThe sound and movement made by a snake inside a hollow tree stump; the sound of a distraught person moving and shaking uncontrollably.
Sensory ModalityMOVEMENT > Haptic
Pronounced with a lower pitch than surrounding speech, and with a gesture imitating the movement. The final -k may not be released, or may be only barely released during pronunciation.
Transcriptionujaɾiuɕka tuluk tuluk tuluk kuɕpaɾishka tɕi ukwi ɾuja, tɕi muɾiti puʎu ukwi
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The example from Video 1 was recorded by Tod Swanson, who was eliciting a narrative of personal experience from Belgica Dagua, about her ceramic design. Thanks to Alex Rice for discovering this ideophone for the archive. Thanks to Austin Howard, who recorded Video 2, and isolated this clip.

Nuckolls, Janis and Tod Swanson, Alex Rice, Austin Howard. 2024. tuluk. The Quechua Ideophonic Dictionary. Online: https://quechuarealwords.byu.edu/?ideophone=tuluk.