DefinitionThe sound and motion of hitting at something. This ideophone is probably derived from a clipped version of waktana ‘to hit’. Also, the sound made by moving through shrubbery or dried leaves
Sensory ModalityMOVEMENT > Haptic
movement is motioned with hands; Aspiration on w as the hitting motion is gestured; ending stop may be fricatized as a [x]
Transcription-tɕontɕi wag̚ wag̚ wag̚ wag̚ wag̚ wag-ɕi ujaɾi(g)muɾa
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Transcriptionmaɕti kas(n)amanda wax wax wax wax wax wag wag-mi kaʎpamuɾa jaja
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Transcriptionlumu kaspita pakiɕa muntunawn tɕi kaj paŋgawaŋ manduɾuta maɕti rondomawan maɕtiɕkawaɕa kajwan wax wax wax wag wag waktanawn lumu apaɾitɕun niɕa kasna apaɾi-
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Transcriptionwag wag wag wag wag wag wag wag ɲuka tɕi ɕajaɾiɾani wag wag wag wag wag wag-ka paŋga kalukta ujaɾikta puɾiŋ pajba tɕupa ajsaɕka ɕina ɾiun wag wag wag wa- ɲuka
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Transcriptionpaj kaspita tɕəm pakiɕa [motion] ɕuk ɾandi apiɾa, ɾiki! [motion] wax wax umaj apiɕa
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